Diamond Core Bits

Dry Cutting Diamond Core Bit

Blue Boar Dry Cutting Diamond Core Bits from Hole Pro

For holes over 1-1/2" in diameter, core bits offer advantages over solid-body bits. They drill faster because they drill only the circumference of the hole instead of removing all of the material.

Dry cutting core bits are ideal tools for electrical, plumbing, mechanical, HVAC, or general contractor needing to make a hole quickly and cleanly for an installation.

Perfect for Brick, Block, Flagstone, Concrete Pavers, Concrete Pipe, Quarry Stone, Roots, Slate, Tarmac, Terra Cotta, Roof Tile, Blue Stone, Sand Stone, Clay Pavers, and other hard materials.

The dry core bits work without water, using either an inexpensive hand-held right angle grinder or a standard hand held core drill. Without water, these handy tools drill clean, neat holes quickly, and without the setup and cleanup time associated with using a water-cooled drilling rig.

The Blue Boar Laser-Welded diamond cutting segments provide longer life than brazed segments or turbo segments and are designed to withstand the higher temperatures generated with dry cutting and the use of angle grinders with their higher operating RPMs.

Diamond Core Bit Features

Blue Boar dry cutting diamond core bits are very effective for drilling clean, uniform holes in Use with concrete cinder block and brick (building and wall brick but not pavers). They feature laser-welded technology for greater durability, and utilize bar-slot cooling to promote greater cutting efficiency, reliability, and safety.

Contractor Grade Core Bit Features

Dry core bits bore holes much faster than line drilling with conventional carbide tipped percussion bits, while providing a smoother finish, and little or no patching.

Blue Boar dry cutting diamond core bits utilize thin-wall tubing for lighter weight and easier control. All bits have superior laser-welded hard diamond segments for durability, a 10" cutting depth, and standard 5/8"-11 threads for direct mounting.

The barrels are vented for heat relief to keep the bits running cooler and provide for faster removal of the cuttings.

The Contractor series of core bits offers excellent quality at an affordable price.

- Standard Length: 10" drilling depth, 11" overall

- Drill Adapter: 5/8"-11 thread

- Application: Dry cutting of concrete cinder block and brick (building and wall brick but not pavers). Dry core bits are not designed for drilling reinforced concrete or other hard, dense materials such as clay brick. Damage caused by rebar voids warranty.

- Construction: Thin wall tube with laser-welded diamond segmented head

Diamond Core Bits
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