Diamond Core Bits - Incorrect Usage

Damage from Rebar

Incorrect Usage of Diamond Core Bit

Blue Boar diamond core bits are designed to quickly bore through concrete cinder block and building brick without the use of coolant. They are not designed for use on cured concrete or for cutting through rebar. Damage caused by misuse of the core bit is not covered in any way, expressed or implied, by the Blue Boar warranty.

The most economical approach for cutting through rebar is with a rebar cutter expressly engineered for that purpose and available from Relton and Milwaukee Tools.

With concrete core boring tools the type of concrete determines the design of the tool that will provide the best performance and the lowest cost per hole. The harder the concrete the softer the cutting segment and the thicker the diamond and substrate material needs to be and the greater the need for water coolant while boring. With soft but abrasive materials like concrete cinder block and building brick the best tool performance is with the use of hard substrate with diamonds on segments that are laser welded to the barrel of the core bit.

Laser welding the segments to the barrel provides much greater bond strength at high temperatures than the traditional silver brazed core bits. All Blue Boar diamond core bits have laser welded cutting segments which enables them to withstand the high temperatures generated when used in high RPM angle grinders and without water coolant.

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